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The Nature Enchant 2003



(Visionary Artist )

Miguel Fonseca was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in 1957. He began to Work with art in the 1970's and in the 1980's he got to know Vera Lúcia Chagas also a visionary artist and sensitive. From this mystical union happened his spiritual expansion. Miguel Fonseca through out the paintings began to illustrate the subtle worlds in a fabulous explosion of light and color, sometimes taking us to the cosmic angels others emerging from the enchanted fairy world.

He states that his mission is to approach people to the World of Light through out the art.

In 1995, something really interesting happened. Miguel made his way to the music field soon after had dreamed about musicians who taught him how to play many instruments. In his dreams he was also taught about his mission with the music and how it would benefit people. After that he specialized in a music style, which he likes to classify as Space Music. This style is a variation from New Age, and has as main objective to connect the objective consciousness with the cosmic consciousness, opening a gate to a greater perception of the Universe developing the human being's balance.

Miguel has become mandatory presence in all mystic events through out the country, thanks to his spiritual painting and his music, getting recognition inside out the country.

His work is worldly known through art expositions realized in the greatest Brazilian cities and in Japan, like Tokyo, Yokohama, Komaki and Toyohashi.

Self-taught artist mainly in music Miguel Fonseca specialized in the style Space Music. The main characteristic of this style is to transmit peace, harmony and tranquility to the listeners.

Miguel's music has been used with great success in alternative therapies inducing to environmental harmonization. It has been observed his music presence in traditional medical environment.

The artist presence in congress and events, that represent a growing market of alternative therapies, has become demanded due to the repercussion of his works.

In the painting he enchants with the beauty, loveliness and details of the mystical figures such as unicorns, fairies, angels, Jesus Christ, Mother Mary, heaven, etc.

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