The Nature Enchant 2003



Miguel and his Visionary Spiritual Music.
The music that soothes your soul. All the songs are channeled.

The songs from this CD have the energy of the Ascended Masters, the strength and irradiation from Syrus Gates. It can help the karmic transmutation and the inner consciousness activation. With the introduction of the tinkling bells and arrangements it attracts the Angels' presence. With simple phrases and innocent melodies full of love it is indispensable to inner harmonization. It is also indicated for REIKI sections.
Click here to download the 3rd song from the CD. (complete)

This CD is very special for those who are looking for the Angels. The CD will take you to the Angels' Gates. It is a cosmic flight. When listening to the trek The Gates visualize yourself flying to the gates and you will enjoy an infinite Peace.
Click here to download the 1st song from the CD. (Partly)

Everyone goal is to get peace. With these songs one will feel that the Peace is possible. In the first trek listen to a sigh of peace representing everybody's dreams of World Peace. The CD label shows the Earth surrounded by a white rose. Through out this image I invite you all to visualize peace on Earth, if you wish. It is a good suggestion for meditation in search for peace, because this CD is a reverence for the inner and planetary Peace.
Click here to download the 4th song from the CD. (Partly)

Enchant, purity and lightness transmitted by Miguel Fonseca's magical Keyboards, with the back sound of birds and streams representing the nature in all the CD treks. This CD is indicated for the Nature lovers.
Click here to download the 1st song from the CD (partly)
Click here to download the 2 nd song from the CD (partly)

If you wish, visualize the illustrations from the CDs when you listen to the songs during a relaxation, and you will be collaborating with the World Peace.




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