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(Spiritual Mandala and Channeling)

She has worked with spirituality since the 1970's, developing works with spirituality and unbloking unsuitable energetic patterns. These disqualified energies, that saturate people's energetic fields, bother their day by day, making them lose their disposition of doing things properly and feel upset easily among other things. These are ordinary manifestations with different origins, just to mention some: stress, anxiety, depressive feelings, excessive work in front of computers, etc. It is through an energetic diagnosis from the person that Vera is going to do the spiritual cleaning.

A spiritual Mandala is used in this work. A draw is created without form but with energetic symbols done by the Ascended Masters orientations and Interplanetary Mentors. They will work the person at a quantum level.

The treatment with Mandala takes about (2) two hours. The person lay on the bed to be energized by Spiritual Mentors through Vera. They tell her the diagnosis and the proper treatment the person is supposed to have, and also for how long the person has been on Earth.

The energy goes straight to the subtle bodies making an energetic cleaning, and treating the karmic registers from previous lives. Then a cleaning in the charkas pulls away intruder forces, unbalanced energies, anxiety, stress, energy caused by long periods in front of a computer, health problems, etc. It is a sensitive treatment totally guided by Spiritual Groups (Egypt Priests, Shamans, Space Doctors. etc.)

She does Mediumistic Mandala shapeless using her fingers and the colors of the seven rays. The simple meditation with your personal Mandala will activate your inner forces and it will work as a gate for your prayers and meditations.

With the Mandala the persons receives a personal written channeled message.

Mandalas are energy centers that come from cosmos and are represented by colors without definite forms but with symbols. The drawing is done as the consult goes by, and each person receives the treatment that best suits his spiritual profile. It can be: Energetic Treatment, Spiritual Surgeries, Astral Cleaning, etc.

The Mandalas work to transmute people's karmas under the guidance of the Ascended Masters and the Great Karmic Board. They are great gates to help the meditations.


Know your Protector Angel, Mentor or Spiritual Guide through the painting pictures painted by Miguel Fonseca with his fingers. You will receive with the picture a written channeled message by Vera Lúcia Chagas with orientations to light up your life.


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